Structure of the Epoxide Group
Structure of the Epoxide Group

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Our floors offer immense decorative possibilities.

They are resilient under the pressures of large volume traffic and heavy materials.

Because of their fast application, they are quickly installed.

Epoxy floors are very easy to maintain.

Epoxy floors are resistant to a large number of chemicals such as solvents and acids.

Epoxy floors combine well with radiant heating.

If you are looking for a new flooring system for industrial use, garage floor coating, or other surfaces, epoxy resin flooring is the preferred choice for a variety of reasons. Epoxy flooring, which is also known as resinous flooring, is a highly durable, customizable, sustainable, and decorative flooring which can be applied to almost any surface. Perhaps the greatest appeal of Epoxy Flooring is its innate resistance to high levels of wear and tear, making it the one of the most long-lasting flooring options. If you are considering epoxy resin flooring, here is a short primer to fill you in on the basics.

“What is Epoxy?”

Epoxy is uniue in that it is chemically distinct from conventional floor paints. Resinous flooring consists of a two-part epoxy system – this system is a combination of polymer resins and hardeners, almost exactly like epoxy glue. When mixed correctly, the epoxy resin combines with the hardener resulting in a chemical bond with each compound and ultimately with the floor itself. The chemical bond creates a stiff material which is durable, resistant to degradation, and bonds exceptionally well to whatever surace it is applied to.

“What is Epoxy Flooring?”

The easiest way to explain epoxy flooring is that it is a flooring surface which is composed of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied directly to a floor with a depth of at least two millimeters. There can be some confusion if you are talking about an epoxy floor or an epoxy floor coating. The difference between the two can be determined by the depth of the epoxy – as mentioned above, epoxy floors are classified as an epoxy coating of at least two millimeters thick. Any epoxy floor which is less than two millimeters thick is known as an epoxy floor coating.