Save Big on Your New Furniture

Enjoy flawless epoxy resin furniture in Alburgh, VT

Are you in need of some new furniture? Want to avoid paying a fortune for it? Liquid Stone, LLC offers custom, stylish epoxy resin furniture in Alburgh, VT. We have years of experience building personalized furniture that our clients love.

Our team can create new:

Bathroom vanities
Undermounted sinks

All of our custom epoxy furniture is built to meet your needs. Whether you just need to fix up your home or improve the look of your business, our furniture is sure to help.

Contact us now to get a free estimate on a custom epoxy furniture service.

Enjoy total control over the finished design

With epoxy resin furniture, you get an unmatched level of control over the final result. Our team will work closely with you to help you get the color and style that you're looking for. That way, your new furniture is sure to match your personal style.

Plus, we build our furniture using state-of-the-art blends to meet your needs. Our stone countertops are incredibly durable, and our vanity surfaces are smooth and soft to the touch. No matter what furniture you need, you'll be getting great deals on all of them.